China reports three COVID deaths for January 6

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China reported three new COVID-19 deaths in the mainland for Jan. 6, compared with five deaths a day earlier, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Saturday.

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Hmmm maybe we need a abacus to assist in the count. Feeling sorry for Chinese public.

PPL BELIEVEinCCP's Data? In beg of 20, CCPEmperorXiFOOLEDnLIED: CHN's NOFatalVirus LIKE 03,SARbrokenout in HK by a CHNtraveler into HK InfectedMANYHKersNcollapsedHospitalsnMEDICS By HK Int'l flights, CHNpplToSPREADtoWORLD Mar20, USGovtRescuedNationalsInWuhan WHOnoWarning

Three? That’s unbelievable!



2020 Trump:No test no case. 2022 China:No count no death.

That's like me saying I breathed twice today

Shameless lie of the year

China lies like a hairy dog, they could easily be Conservatives.

I thought Chinese Zero policy was good one during pandemic period. But now it seems…too much communism is not realistic

Well done China and carry on!

So, Covid isn't that bad then!

My self-report that my heart only beat three times that day has more creditability than China COVID reports at the moment

Let them die in China...please ban all flights from and to China...we are tired with this!!!

And Reuters believes the number?

Noboby believes it...

please nooooooooo i dont wanna sick again

Exactly. They have it all under control.

China starting this rubbish again?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What a joke! This just proves THAT NO INFORMATION COMING OUT OF COMMUNIST CHINA IS THE TRUTH! Economic numbers or Covid deaths… it’s all made up and has nothing to do with the reality!

That’s not enough to make up stories for the deaths of famous ppl from covid in one day

Holy shit that's great out of 1.4 billion......


And how many vaccine deaths are you reporting?

Xitler can't stop xitting more lies

And China allowing for its citizens to travel and spread this crap around the world again isn’t a hostile act…👍🏼

3? liars

I guess missing few words/or a word… such as hundred thousand or million !!!

In other news I have jock itch.

Out of how many millions

Because reporting zero would just be laughable.

🚨🚨🚨How many die from the pfizer jab Why won’t you report on that? Oh yeah, your CEO is - for no logical reason - on the board of Pfizer. Reuters and bradheath are FAKE NEWS!!! IFBAP!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Liar liar pants on fire!!

Excuse me, I would like to return this parrot



3 décès par semaine ? Une hécatombe !

Sorry? Accompanied by how many zeros?



The sky is falling the sky is falling….3

Maybe more?

Sounds legit.

More than our insurrection

The CCP government is shameless.

Yeah right.

Great. Now release the real numbers.

Try 30000

Very impressive 🙄

The same as in Costa Rica.

China reports these nuts

3 x 10000

Only 3 deaths

3...hunder?thousands? Million?

More people than that died from infected toenails.

I totally trust them, how many deaths at Uyghur slave camps?

quick, shut the country down!

China reports…….😂😂😂

That sounds ligit. 😂

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